Centralized data management

Use the app to collect all the data you need for your field activities.

Create and edit all your data effortlessly: customers, technicians, services, materials, vehicles, priorities, business trips, tax rates, units of measure, currencies and your general supply terms.

Keep everything at your fingertips for a centralized and complete management of the entire workflow of your technical and assistance activities!

Maintenance management

Manage all your maintenance work using only one app!

Through the use of ASSIST24, you can manage every single step of your operations, efficiently and accurately.

Via specific functions, you will be able to enter service calls and assign them to yourself, your coworkers or create teams of technicians, and finally close your field operations by specifying services provided, materials used, business trips made and much more information. 
In addition, you will have the possibility to collect the customer's authorization signature directly from your device.

Once the procedure is finished, you will receive an automatic confirmation email, that can also be sent to your customer, with the PDF report of the performed job attached.


Create your team easily using a QR code!

Scanning a personalized QR Code will allow you to associate your company with the profiles of your technicians.
In this way you will be able to create a shared work environment with real time updating of activities. Each technician can be informed about the jobs carried out and yet to be carried out and also consult and update all the data related to the company.

Contact details can then be specified for each technician so as to facilitate collaboration through phone calls and email between coworkers.

Finally, it is possible to enter one’s signature, which will automatically appear in the report once the job is finished.

Asset management

Encode your clients' assets for even more complete management of your assistances!

For each client you have the possibility to register the entire plant and organize the equipments through a practical multilevel plant structure that can be customized. You decide how many levels to create!

Also linked to the service call, the equipment will be reported on the intervention report sent to the customer and reported within the history of the activities performed.


Attachment management

Add and browse attachments without space limitations!

With ASSIST24 you will have the ability to add as many attachments as you need without worrying about the size and number of files and the space they take up. On the customer registry there is an area where you can upload images taken directly from the camera or files already on your device. 

During the intervention, on the other hand, you can insert images and files at any stage: at the opening of the call, in planning and when filling out the report. The gallery will be searchable at any time in the history section, even after a long time.


History function

See all the work done in the "History" section.

Through the History function, each operator will have the ability to view all the tasks performed at customer sites regardless of the technician who carried them out!

Field service operations can be filtered by date and follow multiple types of sorting, all configurable by the user.

In the service call detail section, all the information related to it can be consulted and it is also possible to proceed to a reprint of the report - that will be sent via email to the technician who makes the request.

Business trips

Enter and manage all of your field team's journeys!

With ASSIST24, it is possible to comprehensively manage work-related trips through multiple types of configuration:

Call-out fee: allows you to indicate a fixed cost for the service call;
Cost per km: business trip costs will be calculated in relation to the km traveled and on the basis of the indicated mileage cost;
Travel areas: it is possible to code a variety of travel areas with relative amounts.

The system allows different trip fees to be entered even within the same service call.

Price control

Decide on prices for services, materials and journeys.

Thanks to the detailed data entered, it will be possible to specify the price of each individual task carried out, material used and business trip made.
This will allow to price accurately each component of each service activity, facilitating your reporting procedures.

You will have the possibility to choose whether or not to show the prices in the work report you send to your customer!

Automatic reports

Each work performed has its own report!

ASSIST24 automatically generates the service report that will be delivered by email to the technician who performed the maintenance and to the customer (if you want to!).

Inside, all the information related to the work performed can be found: data of the sell-to customer and the bill-to customer (if they are different), services performed, materials used, trips made, signatures of the technician and the customer - that can be collected through the mobile device.

Detailed accounting

Monitor your business results by downloading automatic billing reports.

ASSIST24 has a useful function that allows you to extract at any time the report of the activities carried out in order to speed up the billing process.

After choosing the reference period, the system will allow the export of all closed service calls, with the details of each of their components, if properly valorized within the appropriate database.

You will then have data on the total amounts of each operation, along with a careful division of materials, services and business trips.

Data import/export

Import and export the data your business needs to speed up your maintenance work.

With the data import and export functions you can easily manage your data and simplify invoicing.

With the import function you will be able to mass upload customers and goods data using a simple spreadsheet, the template of which can be downloaded within the APP.

By means of the export function it will be possible not only to download all the data that can be updated and reloaded, but also the list of all service calls filtered by period and valorized in such a way as to facilitate and speed up the billing procedures.


Use the app easily on a smartphone or tablet.

Designed and created to be used on a variety of devices with different operating systems and screen sizes, the ASSIST24 app is available on Android and iOS stores. Its responsive design allows you to use it from all mobile devices, whether smartphones or tablets.

Multiple languages

The first technical service and maintenance management app available worldwide

ASSIST24 is a multilingual app distributed worldwide, available on both iOS and Android platforms, developed with the aim of helping companies simplify and optimize field service management.

It is currently available in Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese, but new options will be offered soon.

Free trial

Try it free for 20 days and find the right subscription for your business!

The ASSIST24 app has a 20-day free trial period, during which you can check if this tool is suitable for your company's operations... and we are sure it will be right for you!

You will have all the features at your disposal without any limitations to best evaluate the completeness and usability of this app.
After the trial period is over, you can purchase "time" through different types of subscriptions: 1 month, 6 months and 12 months. Click here to find out more about prices and download the app!

PLEASE NOTE: the trial period is calculated at company level, taking as reference the first registration made by the work team. As a result, operators who are connected to the company account at a later date will take advantage of the company's remaining trial period.

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